Kaitrin Acuna

Personal Statement

I grew up in a house where trees outnumbered neighbors, and it was a twenty-minute drive to the nearest store. As a child, my favorite thing was to spend afternoons in the  forest behind my house, and wonder if the stories my grandmother told me were true.

I am captivated by the idea of taming the ephemeral, and many of the characters portrayed in my work do just that: collecting cumulous clouds, training clouds to make tea, grasping moonlight pouring in through a window. Many viewers will see pieces of their own favorite fairytales or childhood musings. 

All of my images are meticulously crafted by piecing together between three and thirty parts of other images, brushstrokes, textures, and AI renderings.  

Over the past several years, I have been fortunate to receive over a fifteen artist grants and awards to support my work.

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